28 7 / 2014

"Mariette has created characters of a deceptive simplicity. She uses the metaphor of cages to describe the brain, trapped regimented minds, mirrors to reflect the awakening of consciousness, and trees to symbolize life force and hope."

27 7 / 2014

"I’ve recently made a new friend who is very well-read. I’ve been lying about my reading habits to make them think I’ve read as many classics as they have. Is this wrong?"

26 7 / 2014

This week a bumper crop of Australian fiction arrived at our shops. Find out more here.

25 7 / 2014

Here are some pics from our celebration with author Julie Hunt, winner of the Readings Children’s Book Prize! 

24 7 / 2014

24 7 / 2014

23 7 / 2014

Over the past few months we’ve been participating in a work experience program with students from high schools across Melbourne. While these students were with us, we asked them what kind of books they like to read.

Anna Louey says The Catcher in the Rye ‘…deals with powerful themes such as the loss of innocence, truth and sexuality, which are all relevant to young adults’.

Olivia Walls’ particular love is ‘bad boy’ ‘good girl’ romances’

Matilda Morley says Eleanor & Park smashes stereotypes into oblivion.

Joel Calabria says The Messenger is probably the closest he’s come to finding ‘a perfect book’.

Estelle Sutherland loves the way historical novels introduce her to so many different places and eras.

Kealy Siryj is currently Nick Hornby’s How To Be Good, after finishing (and loving) High Fidelity.

Tess Devine-Hercus says, ‘The two things that I absolutely can’t stand are clichéd romances and poorly-written female characters.’

Read the rest of our findings here!

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