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"Throughout the novel, Rex’s real form is just beyond our gaze, and much like something slippery in the water might brush against your foot, this form emerges fleetingly – as accusation but never fact. The truth remains ambiguous and it’s precisely this unknown that makes reading Golden Boys so tense and frightening. Hartnett’s villains are not cartoonish; rather, they are shapeshifters from fairytales. Is Rex monstrous, or misunderstood? Did your foot touch a piece of ocean debris or something far more sinister?"

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The wonderful Andy Griffiths came by our Hawthorn shop to sign copies of The 52-Storey Treehouse and caused mass excitement. Here is the evidence.

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Deborah Crabtree on Astragal by Albertine Sarrazin:

This is a tale of rebellion, romance and survival. Sarrazin is equal parts tough and poetic, her writing style strange, perceptive and hypnotic. Unfailingly cool, this astonishing and enigmatic novel has become my new favourite.

Mark Rubbo on Amnesisa by Peter Carey:

A fabulous rant against the US alliance clothed in a marvellous crazy story about hackers, media barons, Carlton and Coburg.

Belle Place on This House of Grief by Helen Garner:

(Garner) portrays the courtroom vividly, bringing the parading barristers, Farquharson’s indignant sisters and string of frustrated expert witnesses all piercingly to life. Over the days that I read this book I felt like I sat there with her, behind the scrimmage of journalists, a sullen, sunken Farquharson just beyond my direct gaze.

Nina Kenwood on Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay:

I have a particular love of smart writing about lowbrow and pop culture topics, and Gay does this so well. She is also not afraid to make herself vulnerable in her writing, which gives each piece a real warmth, honesty and intimacy.

Chris Dite on Vogliamo Tutto (we want everything) by Nanni Balestrini:

The small publishers, Telephone Publishing based in Melbourne, have outdone themselves in the production of this work. The very design of the book demands that the reader think big: the dust jacket folds out to be a blueprint of the Fiat factory, ours for the taking!

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